Stiletto Network

The name of the event I attended on September 18th was called Stiletto Network. The speaker there was author Pamela Ryckman who wrote the book Stiletto Network. While talking to the audience, Pamela also showed us a slideshow with key points on it. The name of that was How Women’s Networks are Shaping Business. One of the first things Pamela said was “The next decade is going to bring an explosion of female success and wealth”. She told us that the key to this success and wealth was stiletto networks. Stiletto networks are groups of successful business women (no more than 10 usually) who get together about  four times every year to get dinner. These women are all usually in different fields of business like finance, media, tech and retail. During these dinners the women talk about business and any struggles they might be having and they tell each other their ideas. In addition to business talk these women also talk about their personal lives and because of this they all become extremely close. What most women don’t realize is that through groups like these you are able to make so many connections with so many different types of people. This makes it a lot easier for women to launch their own businesses or to launch businesses together. These women are able to bring together friendship and successful ideas. An example of a successful business women is the one of the creators of the shopping website Gilt, Susan Lyne. Pamela told us she met with Susan one day and Susan told her how she was able to build this website by mobilizing women with their help and favors and advice. This business is now valued at more than a billion dollars. Pamela at the end and throughout the presentation told us how easy it is to get together a stiletto network and how much success these groups bring each other. I really enjoyed this presentation because being a business major it makes me glad to know that something like this is so easy to do. I think the fact that in these groups women are making best friends and meeting so many connections. Before going to this presentation I had never heard of something like this before, but now I hope that one day I too can be in a stiletto network. I find it amazing how many things are possible when a small group of successful business women get together and use their powers to help each other out.


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